Friday, November 4, 2016

Gold Key The Phantom #04

Who's ready for another trip to the jungles of Bangalla and adventures with the Ghost Who Walks? Then let's dive right into Gold Key's "The Phantom" #04! From writer Bill Harris and artist Bill Ligante we once again get not one, but two tales of the Phantom, "Oogooru" and "The Goggle-Eye Pirates"...and another beautiful painted cover by George Wilson!

The witch doctors of the Deep Woods are upset. The Phantom has brought in an outsider, Dr. Axel to provide medical treatment to the natives and they see this as a slight against their ancient ways. They decide that the only way to get rid of Dr. Axel and restore the people's faith in their magic is to kill the Phantom!

Uncovering a statue of Oogooru, an idol of murder, they plot to put fear back onto the people. They curse an old man, causing him to grow weak and unable to walk, but his son thinks it's trickery and fumes from the witch doctor's incense. Before he can get his father to Dr. Axel though, he too succumbs to the "magic". They continue this across the jungle and till the natives are so scared, even those seeing Dr. Axel for help flee in fear of Oogooru! 

With that accomplished they decided to turn their attention to the Phantom! The witch doctors challenge the Phantom, declaring he has no power, as they drive him toward a cliff with fire! When the fire dies down, the Ghost Who Walks is gone, and they declare victory! 

What they don't realize though is the Phantom survived, and with the help of the Jungle Patrol he's planning a comeback! Sitting atop his horse Hero, the Ghost Who Walks is lifted high into the air by a harness attached to a Jungle Patrol helicopter, a spotlight illuminating him. Following specific directions, the pilot ensures the villagers and witch doctors see the resurrected Phantom!

He smashes a statue of Oogooru. His message is delivered loud and clear, as the villagers turn on the witch doctors, taking them to the chief to pass judgement. Oogooru is defeated...but the legend of the Phantom and his flying horse lives on!

The second story starts with a group of pirates in goggle-eyed, grinning masks, raiding a cruise ship. The pirates gather all the loot and load it onto a helicopter before returning to the ships cabins and throwing their costumes and weapons overboard. With that, the pirates disappear among the passengers and crew. 

Once word gets back to the mainland though the Phantom is on the case! He arrives on the dock, in disguise and begins questioning the patrons of dive bars, looking for info on the pirates. This attracts the attention of the google-eyed pirate ring, who sends a couple men of his own to find out what the mysterious stranger knows. They try to confront the Phantom in an alley, but with lightning fast moves, he disarms them and escapes...then follows them back to their boss! The boss recognizes the mark the Phantom left on the jaws of the men, and calls a meeting. In secret, well as secret as you can get with the Phantom watching from the shadows, they plan their next heist. 

The Ghost Who Walks boards the ship ahead of them, and alerts the captain who has a security team search the cabins...but they come up empty handed. The pirates bribe a porter to find out who tipped the captain off, and crash into the Phantom's cabin seeking revenge! After a scuffle, the Ghost Who Walks leaps from the deck, seemingly falling overboard...but with quick reflexes he catches the railing and swings to the deck below. Searching the ship for their weapons and, overhearing a conversation about heavy gift packages marked for cabin delivery, he finds them! He takes one of their masks and hides among them as they begin their late night raid on the ship. 

One by one the Phantom eliminates the pirates, until it's only him and their boss left waiting for the helicopter pickup...and then it's over. And then, he takes out the boss, turns the pirates over to the captain, and forces the helicopter pilot to take him to the hidden loot! 

Back in the Deep Woods, the villagers talk the Phantom's latest adventure...and how the Ghost Who Walks can never die!

And there you have it, angry voodoo gods and pirates on the high seas...two more tales of Silver Age goodness! I'm thinking next month we step into something a bit more modern though. What do you think Phantom Fans? Let me know in the comments!

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